5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Residential and light commercial cleaning services

Everyday life leaves little time for housework, but you know you need to maintain a tidy environment for your family’s health and comfort. How can you juggle daily obligations and keep the house neat and tidy? Hire a cleaning service! And who ya gonna call for cleaning services in the Billings, MT, area? Dust Busters, of course!

Call us today for a free estimate on residential and commercial cleaning services and start enjoying the benefits of leaving the dirty work to a professional cleaning company. When hiring Dust Busters, you can enjoy:

• Extra time and energy. Put the time and energy you’d spend cleaning the bathrooms and washing the baseboards into something more rewarding, like time with your family.

• A cleaner home. After all, we’re professionals. We know the secrets to removing allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from your home.

• Customized cleaning services. At Dust Busters, we customize your cleaning service to meet your specific needs. Windows? Check. Bathrooms? Sure. Call today for a free estimate.

• Professional-grade cleaning products. You can’t pick up our cleaning products at the local store. Our cleaning products are totally safe, yet highly effective.

• Cleaning when you need it. Are you hosting an event? Are the bigwigs visiting your office soon? Give the right impression with a clean environment.

Moving Out?

Moving Out?

We Can Help!

Call today for a free estimate on light commercial cleaning

Office cleaning in Billings, MT

A messy commercial space creates an unappealing work environment which can decrease work morale and production. Instead of staying around the office to empty the trash and vacuum the floors, leave the light commercial cleaning to Dust Busters. We’ll clean as intensively and as often as you like. Call today for a free estimate on cleaning services that are truly good for business.

Rely on Dust Busters for move-in/out cleaning services

Are you a property manager responsible for cleaning a vacant condo or apartment before the new tenants move in? Before you go shopping for a new pair of yellow gloves, give Dust Busters a call. We specialize in cleaning empty properties after previous tenants have moved out. Get your property ready to show your happy new tenants with professional cleaning services – call Dust Busters today!



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